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COVID-19 Policy
by posted 10/16/2020


Canton Youth Athletics Basketball COVID Safety Program


November 15th, 2020 


This document is to provide details on preventative measures Canton Youth Athletics Basketball (CYAB) will take to help reduce the spread of COVID 19 throughout our league and our community during our winter season. The season is tentatively planned to start on October 20th and will run through Early March.   


Changes to these measures and/or additional measures may be required due to state and local requirements. 


Coaches will review these measures with players, and also ask families to review with each player.  Families are responsible for maintaining social distancing in accordance with state and local requirements.


General Preventative Measures:

  • Signage – Clearly marked signage will be posted reminding spectators, players and coaches of social distancing and warnings

  • Encourage participants to follow best social distancing practices – stay six (6) feet away from individuals outside their household, wear face coverings, and avoiding hand contact with players, managers and/or coaches.

  • All players, coaches, and referees must sanitize hands frequently during practices and games.

  • The league will clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces in between all facility uses, including practices and games.

  • Self-Check – players and families will be asked to self-check/symptom check prior to arrival at all fields. Anyone with symptoms will be asked to remain home.  Current guidance on exposure can be found on CDC website at:  https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/php/public-health-recommendations.html 

  • Any known exposure to a person with COVID-19 should not attend any League activity until cleared by a medical professional

  • PPE- with CT moving back to phase 2 players will now be required to wear face masks while playing or on the bench in games and practices indoors.  Coaches and spectators will be required to wear masks.

  • CYAB will provide each team with hand sanitizer and sanitizer spray.  

    • Coaches should utilize hand sanitizer with players before each practice and in breaks during play.

    • Each team will designate a coach who will be responsible for sanitizing:  1) balls; 2) benches; 3) bleachers; and 4) additional touch points.  

    • Touch points are locations that people often touch.



  • Spectators will be limited “immediate” family members – defined as parents/guardians and siblings – will be permitted to attend.  No others are allowed to attend.

  • Spectators will be allowed in bleachers at distanced and pre-marked areas.

  • Spectators should only attend if they are not showing signs of any illness

  • If there are practices or games that overlap with each other, encourage families and spectators to stay in their vehicles or at recommended social distances until the start of their gameplay to prevent overcrowding of spectator spaces and walkways.

  • Players and families should vacate the facility as soon as reasonably possible after the conclusion of their game to minimize unnecessary contact with players, coaches, and spectators from the next game, ideally within 10 minutes.


Food and Drink:

  • Athletes, Coaches and referees should bring their own personal drinks to all activities, there should be no shared team beverages

  • Teams should not share any snacks or food. No food will be allowed in the gyms.



  • Parents are encouraged to clean and disinfect player equipment (e.g., bags, balls, clothing, etc.) to the extent practical.

  • Player equipment should be spaced at least six (6) feet apart behind their bench.

  • Players are strongly encouraged to have their own basketball.

  • CYAB will provide individual basketballs, if necessary. 

  • This equipment must be cleaned and disinfected prior to use by other players.

  • Managers, coaches and players should minimize the handling of player equipment to the extent practical.



  • Practices should be limited to managers, coaches, and players, only.

  • Practices will be staggered so teams will be out of gym in time for the next practice.

  • Players will be asked to leave the gym quickly after practice. 

  • Players will be assigned a specific spot on the bench, spaced 6 feet apart where they will put their equipment.  When not being used – all equipment will be kept at the individually assigned location.



  • Players/Coaches will be encouraged to arrive no more than 20 minutes before game and to leave as quickly as possible when the game ends.

  • Games will be played as normal with no changes to game rules.  

  • Referees will be required to wear masks.

  • Game ball will be sanitized prior to start of the game.



  • Players should stay in their assigned spots when not in the game to the extent practical.

  • There must be a coach or parent volunteer overseeing the players when they are not in the game.

  • Players, managers, and coaches should wear a cloth face covering while on the bench.

  • Players are required, to wear face mask while playing in games or practices indoors.  The mask must be worn behind the ears.


Pre-Game Activity and Score Keeping:

  • Pre-game meetings between coaches and referees will be limited to head coaches from 6 feet apart with a brief overview of game conditions, if needed.

  • Scorekeeping should be done by a single coach on each team.

  • Scorekeeping and clock management will be done with 6 feet of distance with face coverings being worn. 



  • Players and coaches should take measures to prevent all but the essential contact necessary to play the game. This should include refraining from handshakes, high fives, fist/elbow bumps, chest bumps, group celebrations, etc.

  • At the conclusion of each game, players will line-up in front of their benches, spaced at least 6 ft. apart. Each team will wave to the opposing team as a sign of good sportsmanship after a game.

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